Welcome to Q2 Insights

Our outstanding team of senior research consultants offers years of experience in research and innovation, with backgrounds in diverse corporate and academic environments. Before we go any further, you may be curious about the Q2 in our name. It’s short for Qualitative and Quantitative Research. We pronounce it Q-two, as opposed to Q-squared. Okay, moving on...

The valuable information we gather for our clients comes from expertise across four primary areas:

Innovation. New ideas are a brand’s lifeblood. Using proven creative problem solving techniques, Q2 Insights, helps you explore new product or service development, market growth opportunities or simply solve everyday business dilemmas.

Qualitative Research. As the first “Q” in our name, Qualitative Research allows you to have a direct conversation with your target audience, helping you understand what people are thinking on rational and emotional levels. With technology today, the options to meet your Qualitative Research needs are multiplied. To wit: traditional face-to-face focus groups can now be conducted over the telephone or via the Internet.

Quantitative Research. This is the second “Q” in our name, and it’s all about the numbers. Data is analyzed to create statistics, which can then be used to profile a market, establish important performance benchmarks, precisely measure customer satisfaction or preferences, and even predict future behaviors.

Statistical Modeling. Powerful multivariate statistical techniques are used to take complete advantage of the data gained from research. With Statistical Modeling, Q2 Insights will help you answer such important questions as: “How do we tailor our message to specific customer groups to optimize sales?”

Some of our greatest achievements are in market research analysis, customer satisfaction measurements, advertising concept testing and effectiveness research, business development strategies, consumer behavior research, and employee satisfaction measurements. For details, visit our Services page.