History and Experience Instill Confidence

Q2 Insights has been in business for more than 30 years, founded in 1991 by a team with big business and international experience, initially as Focus Research and now as Q2 Insights. The name Q2 Insights embodies what we do — “Q2” referring to the qualitative and quantitative research we offer; “Insights” pointing to the underlying truths of what our research and innovation work reveals.

Human Analysis

Q2 has always been an adopter of new methodologies that help us get findings and insights faster and more thoroughly. We have added generative, conversational, and emotional artificial intelligence (AI) as well as bot-based conversational research methods to enhance our toolkit. Our methods utilize both the power of innovative technologies as well as nuanced analysis which capitalizes on human capabilities, such as connecting disparate ideas, empathy, intuition, and understanding emotions.

A Brain Trust of Experts

Our team is comprised of experts from multiple backgrounds including diverse agency, corporate and academic environments – marketing, advertising, psychology, statistics, economics, communications, and business. Our educational, age, and ethnic diversities are intentional to avoid having a team who all approach research and analysis the same way. On each project, the interplay and intellectual debate among consultants leads to the best possible results for our clients.

Enduring Client Relationships Result from “Living” Our Clients’ Business

Our longstanding client partnerships encompass a full understanding of how our research and innovation work fits into our clients’ strategic, tactical, marketing, and business planning. The more we “live” our clients’ businesses, the better we serve them.