Our Experience Encompasses All Industries and a Global Reach

Our team members offer years of experience in research and innovation, with diverse backgrounds, multiple language abilities, and across continents. Our intuitive expertise is augmented by technology, using AI and machine learning methods to help find insights faster and to include more study participants, to enable us to produce a combination of qualitative and quantitative insights that help our clients make important decisions faster and more confidently.

We have worked in multiple industries over the years and can apply our methods to any industry and any client.

This provides advantage to clients because we do not enter into any relationship with bias. Each project is customized to the needs of the individual client or company and the information they wish to obtain. Our research skillset transfers across industries and across continents.

A Selection of Our Clients

So, whether your company is a Fortune 100 business or a small, medium, or large business wanting to address your strategic and tactical business and marketing decisions, we have experts who can help you develop customized research solutions to get the information and insights you need.





Reporting Gives All the Information Clients Need

We have many different ways to package and deliver research findings, including Tableau, PowerPoint reports, Word document reports, and Excel reports. In some cases, clients may wish to interact with the data slicing in ways that work for them, and we can support that when we know the goals and intention for the data.

All our team members have signed NDAs and strict confidentiality agreements. Our clients own the work we do for them and we will never share it without absolute permission.