Expertise Matters

No business can afford to shoot from the hip when making important and costly business decisions, such as determining new products or implementing advertising campaigns that will resonate with audiences. As a full-service research organization, Q2 Insights has the experience and expertise to tailor every project to meet the unique goals and objectives of each client. We use creative problem-solving and innovative methods to gain actionable insights clients can use with confidence. We offer big agency talent with small agency touch.

We size the team to fit each project. Whether doing concept testing in a small market or a 20,000-person international web survey, Q2 Insights has the resources to complete the project nationally or internationally.

Market Dynamics

Studies that examine current trends, potential opportunities, and competitive dynamics, provide a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape to inform strategic decision-making.

Market Analysis

Assesses overall market dynamics and trends

Competitor Analysis

Analyzes competitors to identify strengths and weaknesses

Trend Analysis

Informs about industry trends and emerging markets

Market Size and Potential

Evaluates the market size and potential for growth and expansion

Global Market Research

Explores opportunities and challenges in global markets

Customer Understanding

These projects leverage customer insights to gain a deep understanding of behavior and preferences, measuring satisfaction and enhancing brand loyalty, and employing consumer behavior analysis to comprehend the factors influencing purchasing decisions.

Customer Insights

Gain a deep understanding of customer behavior and preferences

Satisfaction & Loyalty

Measure customer satisfaction and enhance brand loyalty

Consumer Behavior Analysis

Understand how consumers make purchasing decisions

Brand Management

This research involves systematically studying and analyzing various aspects of a brand, including perceptions, positioning, and equity, to develop effective strategies for enhancing brand value and ensuring a positive brand image in the market.

Brand Strategy and Performance

Evaluate and enhance brand performance

Positioning Research

Understanding how the brand and its offerings will be positioned in the minds of the target audiences

Communications Research

Optimize campaign and messaging strategies for effective communications

Social Media Research

Evaluate the impact of social media on brand perception

Segmentation and Targeting

A known strength of Q2 Insights, segmentation and targeting involves categorizing a diverse market into distinct groups based on common characteristics and preferences, and then tailoring marketing strategies to effectively reach and meet the specific needs of those identified segments.

Segmentation and Persona Development

Identify and target specific market segments

Target Market Research

Identifying and understanding target groups of consumers or businesses

Channel Analysis

Assess the effectiveness of distribution channels

Product and Service Optimization

Clients know which paths to pursue when Q2 Insights helps them to refine and enhance offerings through iterative improvements, incorporating customer feedback, and adapting to market trends to ensure maximum value, satisfaction, and competitiveness.

New Product and Service Development

Research and optimize new products and services

Pricing Strategy

Develop effective pricing strategies

Technology Impact

Assess the impact of technology on marketing strategies

Data Analytics

Through data analytics, Q2 Insights systematically examines and interprets large volumes of data using statistical and mathematical techniques to extract meaningful insights, patterns, and trends, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Data Analytics

Use data analytics for in-depth insights and decision-making