Product Solutions Address Complex Goals

Q2 Insights offers a wide array of innovative and traditional research approaches to address the goals and objectives of our clients; all projects are completely customized to each client’s needs. Not only is all the work customized, but we also have dedicated teams on both the qualitative and quantitative sides of the house, with specialists and data scientists who know how to manage sophisticated and complex research to gain actionable insights.

As an adopter of new methodologies, Q2 Insights has added generative, conversational, and emotional artificial intelligence (AI) research methods to enhance our toolkit. These innovative technologies, combined with nuanced, expert human analysis, allow us to provide elevated insights and recommendations to our clients.

Specialized Approaches Meet Multiple Marketing Needs

No matter which areas clients want to address – market analysis, customer understanding, brand strategy and performance, segmentation, market potential and pricing, or communications – our product solutions meet their goals. It is important to note, however, these product solutions do not represent the totality of what we can offer, as new approaches are being onboarded frequently.

AI Rapid Insights Sessions

Represent a unique blend of qualitative research at quantitative scale
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  • Unlocking Insights at Scale
    A cutting-edge fusion of qualitative depth at quantitative scale, AI Rapid Insights Sessions represent a mature AI technology that is continually perfected, enhanced, and optimized, and has been offered by Q2 Insights for over five years. Our sessions seamlessly blend advanced AI capabilities with human research expertise to deliver actionable insights in record time.
  • Advance AI, Streamline Insights
    Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, AI Rapid Insights Sessions efficiently analyze vast amounts of free-text data and poll responses from participant groups ranging from ten to 1,000 individuals. Synchronous sessions are conducted within a rapid 20-minute to one-hour timeframe. Asynchronous sessions are also available that are conducted over a period of a few days to a week. This mature AI technology ensures unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

    Participants not only provide responses but also engage in a dynamic voting process for open-ended questions. This innovative approach instantly gauges the popularity of responses and the consensus within the group, providing valuable insights at a glance.
  • Multilingual and Inclusive
    The sessions accommodate language diversity by conducting sessions in various languages, ensuring accessibility for participants worldwide. With just a high-speed internet connection, anyone can engage in this immersive and efficient research experience.
  • Human-Centric Analysis, AI-Powered Efficiency
    Our sessions are expertly moderated by senior qualitative researchers, who guide discussions and ask probing questions and insightful follow-ups. This human touch complements AI-driven analysis, resulting in nuanced insights that blend quantitative rigor with qualitative depth.
  • Actionable Insights Instantly Followed by a Detailed Report
    Post-session, clients gain access to a detailed question-by-question dashboard, enabling them to download session data. Simultaneously, an immediate post-session analysis tool is available, facilitating swift decision-making. The intuitive session dashboards remain accessible in real-time during the session and for a duration of two years thereafter, ensuring a lasting resource for clients.
    Additionally, Q2 Insights generates a detailed report with analysis that capitalizes on human researcher capabilities, such as connecting disparate ideas, empathy, intuition, and understanding emotions.

AI QuantInsight Pro

Q2 Insights introduces a revolutionary research methodology called AI QuantInsight Pro
  • Developed and perfected over 10 years, AI QuantInsight Pro represents a mature approach to AI-driven analysis. While similar systems may be emerging, AI QuantInsight Pro stands out as a sophisticated method tailored for in-depth research at scale.

    Unlike AI Rapid Insights Sessions which are a group discussion at quantitative scale, AI QuantInsight Pro is an AI-assisted quant-qual methodology at quantitative scale. This cutting-edge approach leverages Large Language Models (LLMs) to efficiently synthesize and distill profound insights and predict customer behavior. This methodology relies on human respondents to generate insights (not Generative AI) while using AI models to streamline and speed up insights contained in those insights.
  • Pioneering Methodology
    This methodology pioneers deployment of an AI-aided model capable of conducting thousands of interviews within days, and often within hours or minutes. Small and large studies are accommodated. From small-scale studies to large-scale projects, this methodology ensures a seamless data collection process. Respondents provide real, insightful answers while the AI model continuously learns, enhancing the validity and depth of insights over time. This not only improves the respondent experience but also boosts their responsiveness. The methodology also allows us to conduct advanced statistical methods for which Q2 Insights is known including predictive analytics, pricing studies, segmentation, structural equation modeling, etc.
  • Human-Like Interactions
    The interviews, spanning anywhere from 5 to 45 mins, feature human-like interactions with both open-ended and close-ended questions. In contrast to traditional sequential human interviews, this technology handles multiple interviews simultaneously and asynchronously. The AI model is proficient in conducting interviews in multiple languages and offers each respondent a unique, one-of-a-kind experience while still delivery overall, validated insights on the questions posed.
  • Voice of the Customer Analysis
    Responses from participants are captured in written sentences on any device that can open a web browser. This approach unlocks not only thoughts and emotions explicitly expressed in language but also captured through response speed, tabulated in timing data analysis. This enables the quantification of perceptions, behavioral drivers, psychological motivations, thoughts, and emotions.
  • Instantaneous Analysis and Reporting
    Unlike most other platforms, the analysis and intuitive visual reporting process is built in real time as study progresses. This comprehensive analysis includes quantifying open-ended responses, identifying actionable insights, and developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for continuous tracking over time. The findings can be stratified by demographic and other data as required. Q2 Insights also provides a report highlighting Insights, Key Findings, and Conclusions and Recommendations.

Brand Insight360

Comprehensive Brand Health Evaluation
  • Gain a clear understanding of your brand's position in the competitive landscape with Q2 Insights' Brand Insight360. Our tailored Brand Health Diagnostic Studies provide a snapshot of your brand's performance at a specific point in time, leveraging advanced survey methodologies and AI analysis for comprehensive insights. Studies are typically conducted in key markets for the brand – international and/or domestic.
  • Tailored Measurement for Target Insights
    Each Brand Health Diagnostic Study is meticulously customized to align with your goals and objectives. Our array of measures includes brand image, engagement, loyalty, customer satisfaction, and more, benchmarked against competitors. With years of expertise, our questionnaires are expertly crafted to capture key insights efficiently. Tailored precisely to meet client needs, Q2 Insights draws upon years of expertise and experience to craft questionnaires for these studies, ensuring optimal measurement of specific areas of interest.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) And Brand Diagnostic Scorecards
    Our data science team develops bespoke Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and a Brand Diagnostic Scorecard, highlighting your brand's standing relative to competitors. This scorecard, encompassing seven pivotal elements of brand health, provides a clear overview of your brand's performance.
  • Customized Modules
    Elevate your Brand Insight360 with customized modules tailored to the specific needs of our clients and designed to delve deeper into the unique aspects of your brand and market.. These customized modules are as diverse as our clientele, reflecting our commitment to delivering a nuanced and in-depth understanding of brand health tailored to the unique objectives and challenges of each client. Examples of customized modules include: general advertising and marketing campaign awareness, brand specific advertising and marketing campaign awareness, DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), economic and financial performance, ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance), influencer awareness, market size and opportunity, message testing, brand or product naming, product/service deep dives, relevant lifestyle activities, segment disposition (using the brand’s segmentation), sustainability, and value proposition evaluation.

Brand Health Insights Monitors

Brand health monitors versus brand health diagnostic studies
  • In contrast to the Brand Insight360, Q2 Insights' Brand Health Insights Monitors are a systematic approach to on-going tracking and measurement customized of KPIs, Brand Diagnostics, and tailored brand metrics over both time and geography, whether international or domestic.
  • Brand Performance in the Competitive Context Over Time
    Brand Health Insights Monitors serve as a valuable tool to assess brand performance over time and maintain awareness of competitor activities that could potentially disrupt brand health.
  • Campaign Evaluation
    Advertising and Marketing Campaign Evaluation is also possible.  
  • Time Series Analysis
    All the features and benefits available in Brand Insight360 are seamlessly integrated into Brand Health Insights Monitors. A notable distinction lies in the utilization of Time Series Analysis methodologies over time, offering a deeper understanding of trends and seasonality in the data that may not be apparent through a one-time Brand Insight360 Study.  
  • Flexibility
    The flexibility of conducting Monitors at various intervals (every two or three years, annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or continuously), empowers clients to adapt the tracking frequency to their needs. Typically, clients opt for annual or semi-annual tracking, with quarterly or continuous monitoring reserved for instances of high industry volatility, competitive threats, or when the brand undergoes rapid innovation or change.
  • Incorporation of Relevant Modules
    Like how additional modules can be seamlessly integrated into a Brand Insight360 Study, bringing modules in and out of a Brand Health Insights Monitor is particularly crucial when considering the dynamic nature of brand and competitor evolution over time. It emphasizes the significance of not allowing the brand to remain static—it demands a proactive approach to incorporating relevant modules to reflect the evolving landscape.  

Segmentation and Economic Analysis

Transform your market approach with Q2 Insights' Segmentation and Economic Analysis services
  • Unlock the Power of Segmentation
    Dive deep into your market landscape with Q2 Insights' segmentation expertise. Our comprehensive quantitative studies meticulously dissect your market, revealing distinct customer segments primed for your brand's attention.
  • Maximize Returns with Targeted Strategies
    Identify high-value segments and tailor your efforts to maximize ROI. By understanding the unique needs and behaviors of each segment, you can optimize acquisition and retention strategies, outperforming competitors who overlook this crucial insight.
  • Craft Compelling Personas
    Craft vivid personas that resonate with stakeholders on both emotional and functional levels. With clear personas, your team gains a unified understanding of high-value segments, empowering strategic decision-making at every level.
  • Optimize Spend Across Channels
    Allocate resources strategically across channels and categories to attract and retain high-value customers effectively. Q2 Insights' segmentation empowers you to refine digital strategies, enhance customer experiences, and prioritize marketing channels with precision.
  • Adapt and Thrive
    Tailor your business model to target high-value segments accurately. From refining brand positioning to developing robust pricing strategies, our segmentation insights guide informed decisions that drive growth and foster brand advocacy.
  • Elevate Your Market Understanding
    Combine Economic Analysis with Segmentation for a comprehensive view of your market and customers. Q2 Insights delves deeper, providing invaluable insights into lifetime value, spend patterns, retention rates, and competitive dynamics.
  • Drive Informed Decision-Making
    Equip your team with actionable insights derived from economic metrics. Understand individual customer value, category performance, and channel dynamics to refine pricing strategies, optimize product offerings, and outmaneuver competitors.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve
    With Q2 Insights' Economic Analysis, anticipate market shifts and capitalize on emerging opportunities. From assortment analysis to channel optimization, stay agile and adaptive in a rapidly evolving market landscape.

Innovation Workshops

Q2 Insights seamlessly integrates several methodologies, including Creative Problem Solving (CPS), the Stage Gate Innovation, Nominal Group Process, and Design Thinking
  • We provide comprehensive support to organizations seeking innovative solutions or imaginative problem-solving.
  • Our Workshops span a wide spectrum, addressing various business needs, such as Intuitive Segmentation, Brand Positioning, New Product and Service Development, Visioning Conferences or Events, Overcoming Usage Barriers, Assimilating Research Insights, Leveraging Insights for Business Improvement, and Retention and Acquisition strategies.
  • Designed with a lot of flexibility, Workshops span durations from half a day to multiple days. What distinguishes Q2 Insights is our inventive reimagining of conventional Workshops. Beyond the conventional array of Innovation Workshops offerings, we seamlessly incorporate marketing research methods such as our AI Rapid Insights Sessions between Workshop sessions to test the outputs of previous Workshops with the target audience.
  • This approach not only engages both current and potential customers and employees in the innovation journey but also harnesses the human elements such as linking disparate ideas, empathy, human intuition, and understanding human emotions, we elevate the process of innovation and idea prioritization to new heights of effectiveness.