Mastering the AI Frontier: A Marketer’s Guide to Navigating New Platforms

April 26, 2024

Q2 Insights has been at the forefront of integrating AI platforms into our marketing research arsenal for over five years, with initial forays into this technology over a decade ago. Our commitment to innovation has led us to offer two robust AI products, AI Rapid Insights Sessions and AIQuantInsight Pro, both of which have garnered rave reviews from our clients.Visit to explore these transformative solutions. 

The Rapid Expansion of AI Platforms

In recent years, the proliferation of AI platforms across various industries, including marketing research, has resembled a gold rush. From process management tools to AI-powered bot interviews and sophisticated data analysis and reporting, the options are abundant. As early adopters, Q2 Insights actively evaluates promising new platforms to enhance our consultancy processes and offerings. 

However, amidst the excitement, it is crucial to exercise caution. Many emerging AI platforms are in the beta testing phase, seeking real-life projects for validation. Our recent experience serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the importance of sensitivity when engaging with these platforms, especially in data-centric fields like marketing research.


Learning from Experience

We had a recent encounter with a promising but premature AI platform and the experience presented challenges; however, it underscores our commitment to exploration and innovation. Despite thorough due diligence, including multiple meetings, case study reviews, and detailed discussions, the platform's shortcomings became evident during implementation.

 Yet, rather than viewing this as a setback, we recognize it as an opportunity for growth.Reflecting on our experience, we have identified key questions to ask when evaluating new platforms:

  • How many live projects have been completed?
  • Is training and onboarding support available?
  • Are case studies with real-world uses cases available?
  • What is the extent of paid client projects?
  • What was the duration of alpha and beta testing?
  • Is ongoing UI/UX testing being conducted?
  • Who is conducting the UI/UX?
  • How long has the product been in development?
  • Who handles customer service?
  • What are the feedback mechanisms for collecting and incorporating user feedback?
  • How portable is that data from research studies, and who owns it?
  • How well does the platform integrate with other tools and systems in your research ecosystem?

 These inquiries serve as invaluable checkpoints to mitigate risks and maximize the potential of new technologies.


Promoting Responsible Innovation

In the realm of AI platforms, transparency is paramount. Developers must be forthright about the stage of their product's development and refrain from overpromising features still in progress. Furthermore, leveraging professional UI/UX research services can provide invaluable feedback without risking the integrity of live projects.


Embracing Transparency: A Case Study

In the midst of our exploration of AI platforms, we recently had a wonderful experience that exemplifies the power of transparency and collaboration. Engaging with a platform developed by a seasoned marketing researcher and AI programmer, we were immediately struck by the integrity and candor exhibited by the company's principals.

From the onset, the team was forthcoming about the stage of development of their platform and the limited scope of their live projects. Rather than overselling their product, they openly acknowledged their journey and welcomed constructive feedback to fuel their progress.

Throughout our discussions, the transparency of the company's approach instilled confidence in their vision and commitment to delivering a quality product. Despite their nascent stage, their receptiveness to feedback and willingness to iterate resonated deeply with our belief in responsible innovation.


A Collaborative Partnership

In contrast to our previous experience, characterized by unmet expectations and technical challenges, our engagement with this platform was marked by collaboration and mutual respect. The company's principals actively sought our input, leveraging our expertise in marketing research to refine their platform and shape its future trajectory.

By fostering an environment of open communication and shared learning, we were able to establish a collaborative partnership grounded in trust and transparency. While the platform may still be evolving, our shared vision for its potential and our mutual commitment to its success lay a solid foundation for future collaboration.


 Looking Ahead

As we reflect on our journey navigating the AI landscape, this positive experience serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration.It reaffirms our belief in the transformative power of AI and the potential for meaningful partnerships that drive innovation and progress.

While challenges and setbacks are inevitable, it is through embracing transparency,

collaboration, and continuous improvement that we chart a course toward success. As we continue to explore new frontiers in marketing research, we remain committed to fostering relationships built on trust, integrity, and shared values.


Kirsty Nunez is the President and Chief Research Strategist at Q2 Insights a research and innovation consulting firm with international reach and offices in San Diego. Q2 Insights specializes in many areas of research and predictive analytics, and actively uses AI products to enhance the speed and quality of insights delivery while still leveraging human researcher expertise and experience.