Unveiling Insights into San Diego Opera's Growth Journey with AI QuantInsight Pro: A Case Study

April 26, 2024

Since its inception in 1950, San Diego Opera has been presenting acclaimed productions with internationally renowned artists. However, like many arts organizations, it struggles with the challenge of diversifying and growing its audience and attracting philanthropic support amidst the cost of putting on its productions.

To address the challenges of audience diversification and growth and philanthropic engagement, San Diego Opera partnered with Q2Insights which employed the AI QuantInsight Pro methodology.


About AI QuantInsight Pro

AI QuantInsight Pro represents a breakthrough in AI-assisted analysis, operating at quantitative scale while maintaining the depth of qualitative insights. By harnessing the power of LargeLanguage Models (LLMs), the methodology efficiently synthesizes responses from human participants, extracting profound insights and predicting customer behavior in real time.

Participant responses are captured in written form on any web-enabled device, allowing for the quantification of perceptions, behavioral drivers, and psychological motivations. This comprehensive approach not only captures thoughts and emotions but also analyzes response speed to uncover nuanced insights.

Unlike conventional platforms, AI QuantInsight Pro offers real-time analysis and intuitive visual reporting, enabling the identification of actionable insights and the development of Key PerformanceIndicators (KPIs) for ongoing tracking. These findings can be stratified by demographic data, providing a nuanced understanding of audience dynamics. Q2Insights delivers a comprehensive report, highlighting key insights, findings, and recommendations to guide San Diego Opera's strategic decisions.


Sentiments About the Opera

Audiences appreciate San Diego Opera's captivating performances, professional excellence, and production elements, including world class singing, beautiful costumes, and meticulous staging. Regardless of the demographic segment (current or prospective patron), patrons find commonality and joy in the love of music.

[1]This Case Study does not encompass the entiretyof the study conducted for San Diego Opera. Instead, it focuses on highlightingkey findings to illustrate the power of the AI QuantInsight Pro methodology.

While there is widespread appreciation for San Diego Opera's existence, there is acknowledgment of its underfunding, reflecting a shared desire for its sustained success.

Despite recent strides in diversifying audiences, misperception that San Diego Opera caters primarily to a Caucasian, older, educated, and affluent demographic persists.


Suggestions to Grow San Diego OperaAudiences

To address the perception that opera lacks appeal among younger demographics, recommendations emphasize bolstering relevance through robust community and school outreach initiatives, alongside potential price adjustments.

The respondents favor expanding school and community outreach efforts to attract a younger audience, while also balancing programming to cater to diverse tastes, including modern and classic operas.

Awareness gaps exist regarding San Diego Opera's extensive education programs, indicating a need for improved communication about these initiatives, which serve over 100,000 school children annually and offer culturally diverse offerings.

Innovative suggestions, such as improving transportation access and offering free parking, aim to increase attendance frequency, highlighting the importance of enhancing convenience for patrons.

These insights highlight the importance of strategic initiatives to enhance audience engagement and foster sustainable growth for San Diego Opera.


Factors Influencing Attendance

The willingness to attend San Diego Opera events hinges on factors such as awareness, familiarity with opera, programming quality, and social influences from friends and family.



Using the Van Westendorp Pricing Analysis Method, overall current and prospective patrons perceive an optimal ticket price range of $37to $100, with $63 identified as the ideal price point. Current patrons express a higher willingness to pay, considering $47 to $150 fair, with $95 as the optimal price. Prospective patrons view a fair price range of $28 to $83, with$45 being deemed optimal.


Addressing Misperceptions

Combatting misperceptions is crucial for San Diego Opera's growth. By leveraging AIQuantInsight Pro's real-time analysis and intuitive reporting, the organization can tailor its communication efforts to emphasize inclusivity and community relevance. Moreover, by addressing misconceptions about ticket prices and programming, San Diego Opera can enhance its appeal to a broader audience and foster greater community engagement.



Based on the insights gleaned from AI QuantInsight Pro, San Diego Opera setup to take strategic action. Recommendations include:

  • Enhancing awareness and communication programs to highlight the organization's accessibility and diverse offerings.
  • Tailoring programming to appeal to a wider audience while maintaining the integrity of classic operatic works.
  • Exploring innovative initiatives such as transportation access and free parking to incentivize attendance.



San DiegoOpera's partnership with Q2 Insights and the utilization of AI QuantInsight Pro represent a significant step forward in its journey toward audience growth and sustainability. By harnessing the power of advanced analytics and strategic communication, the organization is poised to overcome barriers and thrive in a never-evolving cultural landscape. 

Kirsty Nunez is the President and Chief ResearchStrategist at Q2 Insights a research and innovation consulting firm with international reach and offices in San Diego. Q2 Insights specializes in many areas of research and predictive analytics, and actively uses AI products to enhance the speed and quality of insights delivery while still leveraging human researcher expertise and experience. Q2 Insights has been volunteering its services to San Diego Opera for ten years.